Table grapes are the fruits with the largest export volume in Chile where we have available a wide range of varieties. The latter has significant implications in different characteristics, such as color (green, red and black) and sweetness, among others.

Uva Sugraone

Thompson Seedless

This seedless variety consists of medium- to large-sized, oblong berries with light green color, whose bunches are very attractive to look at. Its juicy and sweet flavor is extremely well liked.

Uva Sugraone


This seedless variety has large oval to oblong berries with bright green color. The main characteristics are represented by its crispy texture and early ripening.

Uva Flame

Flame Seedless

Flame variety has medium round berries with light to dark red color. These table grapes have a crunchy texture and sweet flavor.

Uva Crimson

Crimson Seedless

These medium, oblong and red berries has a sweet and fresh flavor. Besides, the texture is firm and crunchy.

Uva Red Globe

Red Globe

This seeded crunchy variety with a real fresh textured flesh inside has large and round berries of pink to red color.

Uva Sugraone

Autumn Royal

These purple to black, large and oval berries have a firm textured flesh with a real sweet flavor.